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Aluminum Silicon Carbide Castable – Rongsheng Refractory

Aluminum Silicon Carbide Castable Manufacturer in RS Refractory Factory Rongsheng refractory factory is a fire-resistant and thermal insulation refractory material production enterprise. It is a comprehensive enterprise integrating scientific research, testing, development, production, sales …

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Trough Refractory Castable of Blast Furnace – Rongsheng

The iron ditch castable is a kind of refractory castable used in the tapping groove of the blast furnace tapping field. The fused corundum, silicon carbide and carbonaceous graphite are used as refractory raw materials, adding additives and binders, and mixing according to the formula ratio. Made of alumina silicon carbide carbon castable.

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Refractory – Wikipedia

Some applications require special refractory materials. Zirconia is used when the material must withstand extremely high temperatures. Silicon carbide and carbon are two other refractory materials used in some very severe temperature conditions, but they cannot be used in contact with oxygen, as they would oxidize and burn.

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Refractory Brick & Castables – Industry Furnace Solutions

Refractory brick is a refractory material for lining masonry of high temperature kiln. The bulk density of refractory brick is also called refractory brick density. It is one of the important testing items in the physical and chemical indicators of re

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Refractory Brick & Castables – Industry Furnace Solutions

Clay Fire Brick Mullite Bricks Zircon Bricks Phosphate brick Corundum Brick Carbon brick Alumina Carbon Brick Carbon Refractory Brick Alumina Silicon Carbide Carbon brick Magnesia Bricks Silicon Carbide Bricks Shaped Refractory Brick Graphite Electrode Other Refractory Bricks; Coated abrasives … For blast furnace . For hot blast stove . For …

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Silicon Carbide bricks – Refractory Bricks, Ceramic Fiber

Email to request more refractory bricks’ datasheets; KT Refractories Castable Manual; Silicon Carbide bricks . Silicon Carbide bricks, Silicon Nitride Bonded Sic Brick / SiC brick is made of high quality synthetically made silicon carbide grains (SiC) and selected bonding components, including nitride, Si3N4.