refractory gunning machine

Application of refractory gunning machine in Singapore

Gaodetec Refractory gunning machine is widely used for coverter, ladle, EAF, and RH-snorkels.Gaodetec Refractory gunning machine is widely used for coverter, ladle, EAF, and RH-snorkels. It is a cheap alternative to renewal of complete lining. This process increases the service of the vessel considerably and reduces vessel reheating costs.
refractory shotcrete machine

Electric motor drive pressure vessel refractory shotcrete machine

While pressure vessel Refractory Shotcrete Machine. it is mainly used for hot and cold repair work on other thermal kiln equipment such as converter, electric furnace, ladle, mixed iron furnace, ladle and iron hook.
refractory gunning machine

Refractory gunning machine for spraying refractory in steel plant

Refractory gunning machine is mainly used for spraying refractory, castable materials in steel plant. Compared with common dry mix shotcrete machine, refractory gunning machine is also including high pressure water pump, new type pre-dampening nozzle assy, ABB frequency converter etc.
 refractory pan mixer

Refractory pan mixer machine for mixer refractory

According to different mixing capacity, our refractory pan mixer is divided into many refractory mixer. Nowadays, we customize LRM800 refractory mixer for Egypt customers. GRM800 Refractory Pan Mixer mixing capacity is 800L, equipped with high pressure water washer.