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We are a family-owned manufacturer of safe, reliable and user-friendly solutions for the refractory and shotcrete industries. With more than 60 years of experience, we offer a complete product line of concrete mixers, pumps and related products customized for a variety of markets.

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Small Hydraulic Double-piston Concrete Pump / Concrete

RISEN RPB7 is a small size hydraulic double-piston concrete pump /concrete grouting machines.It is widely applied for the pumping and grouting of the wet ready-mixed mortar, concrete, refractory materials or other similar slurries. The RPB7 was designed to be extremely simple in structure and operation. It is very compact, durable and versatile enough for the different construction size.

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Electric Refractory Materials Shotcreting /grouting Pump

It is a small-size concrete pump equipped with the dosing unit and nozzle assy. It works not only in shotcreting, but also in pumping and grouting, suitable for the refractory materials, wet ready-mixed mortar/concrete. The small shotcrete pump PRB7 was designed to …

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Castable Refractory for Sale – RS Kiln Refractory Group

The X-20 is our ultra-high pressure swing tube piston pump designed for refractory and shotcrete applications in excess of 20 tons per hour. This is the most user-friendly refractory pump on the market to operate and maintain.

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X-20 Refractory/Shotcrete Pump | Blastcrete Equipment …

Heat Stop Refractory Mortar. All national building codes specify refractory mortar conforming to ASTM C-199 for installing firebrick and clay flue liners in masonry fireplaces and chimneys. Easy to use, economical and versatile, HEAT STOP® resists temperatures well above 2000° F, assuring code compliance and a quality installation.

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Heat Stop refractory mortar for fireplaces, chimneys

Jan 30, 2019· Just add water to the dry mix, apply and set – cement dries as hard as fire brick. Relax and enjoy your newly-restored fire pit – you can even use this product to create solid stone beds or to cast stunning custom shapes. Product may be used outdoors, a key difference from regular refractory cementUser rating: 3.9/5

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Rutland 25 lbs. Castable Refractory Cement Tub-601 – The

We deliver 10 set LZ-3ER refractory gunite pump. LZ-3ER refractory gunite machine is used for spraying refractories. LZ-3ER is specifically designed for Refractory Dry-mix shotcrete applications, you can get low dust and high performance spraying flow in nozzle when spraying.

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Heat Stop Refractory Mortar. Fire-resistant mortar for fireplaces and brick ovens. Heat Stop Refractory mortar – fire-resistant mortar for fireplaces and brick ovens. One of our top-selling products, Heat Stop 50 is the masonry construction industry standard for high-temperature refractory mortar.

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High Temp Refractory Mortar | Heat Stop 50

Heat Stop refractory fire brick cement is what you need for your outdoor fireplace. For installation of firebrick and clay flue lining in fireplace masonry.

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Heat Stop Refractory Cement – Outdoor Fireplace Masonry

We manufacture Grout Pumps, Mudjack Pumps, Masonry Pumps, Plaster/Stucco Pumps, Fireproofing, Mixers/Pumps, Concrete Pumps, Shotcrete Pumps, Gunite Equipment, concrete finishing tools, and parts & accessories for these machines. FEATURED MACHINE. … Mortar Pumping, Grout Pumping, Airplaco PumpMaster …

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AIRPLACO | Grout and Shotcrete Equipment

The Refractory Mud Hog® line uses only top-quality materials to support industrial level mixing. All devices are reinforced with bolt in hardened steel drum liners, making the Refractory Mud Hogs the most durable refractory mixers on the market.

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Refractory Mixers | EZG Manufacturing

Mortar pumps, mortar pumps for sale is a continuously working mixing machine, equipped with small air compressor, water pump, flow meter, to spray the dry ready-mixed cement mortar, etc. This mortar pumps for sale permits the easy and comfortable transport due …

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The refractory gunning machine is a machine specially designed for spraying refractory materials. Compared with ordinary dry-mixing spray guns, rotary refractory gunning machine guns have some outstanding features, low rebound and low dust.

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