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Lightweight Mullite Insulating Brick –

Lightweight Mullite Insulating Brick is a new-quality insulation refractory with mullite as main crystal phase, usually produced by combustible method, chemical method or foam method which can form a porous structure.Each grade of products has unique design to meet different thermal, physical and chemical demands. The product can be directly exposed to the flame, with features of high …

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Lightweight mullite brick –

Lightweight mullite brick DAZZ Lightweight Mullite Insulating Fire Brick manufactured from high-grade, high purity refractory materials by mixing, press-forming, drying, sintering and machining. Good process providing excellent heat insulation at high temperature and offers genuine energy savings.

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Castable Refractory for Sale – RS Kiln Refractory Group

Mullite Bricks are an excellent quality high alumina refractory product with about 65~75 percent alumina content. Mullite brick is made of mullite as the main raw material and molded through high temperature firing and pressure.

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Mullite Bricks – Refractory Bricks For Sale In RS

JM23 Insulation Brick, using high pure mullite as raw refractory material, is made by adding alumina powder according to different type and then sintering in high temperature. JM23 insulating brick is the new energy saving material for insulation.

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JM23 Mullite Insulation Brick – Rongsheng Refractory

Lightweight insulating castable refractory is made of lightweight refractory aggregate and power, addhesive and admixture that can be cast moulding. The product is mainly used in high chimneys, high temp flue and duct lining, oil, chemicals, nonferrous metallurgy and other industrial acid proof projects.

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Lightweight insulating castable refractory

A wide variety of lightweight refractory castable options are available to you, such as powder, brick. … refractory high performance fire castables tunnel kiln refractory castable refractory castable for furnace wear-resistant mullite castable high quality castable refractory refractory light weight castable high strenth refractory castable …

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lightweight refractory castable –

Lightweight insulating castable is aluminate cement, alumina fines, ceramic, plus a number of additives dubbed. Lightweight insulating castable construction is simple, is at high temperature and alkali corrosion construction site a good product.. Workability is good, strong bond, the initial setting time and construction operational for a long time, fast growth strength, impermeability and …

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Lightweight insulating castable ~ LONTTO Refractory

Ceramic fiber felt is a lightweight, flexible refractory fiber insulation refractory made up of high purity refractory oxide and organic binder from RS factory with good of properties of low thermal conductivity, low heat capacity, excellent chemical stability and thermal shock resistance, excellent sound absorption and noise reduction …

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Ceramic Fiber Felt – Rongsheng Refractory

RongSheng Kiln Refractory company focused on refractory manufacturing for 15 years. Supply refractory bricks, insulation bricks, castables, refractory cement and other high-temperature furnace refractories.

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Kiln Refractory Material Manufacture & Supplier

Lightweight Fire clay Insulation Brick Features. Lightweight fire clay insulation bricks from Rongsheng Company are made of high-quality clay and sintered at high temperature. The use temperature of lightweight fire clay insulation bricks is not more than 1200℃, with high efficiency insulation, can not be in direct contact with fire.

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Lightweight Fire Clay Insulation Brick – Rongshneg

Insulating Fire Brick for sale in Rongsheng Kiln Refractory is a kind of firebrick that made from high-purity refractory clays with graduated additions of alumina for the higher temperature-rated products and is mainly used for insulating layer of kiln and furnace to prevent the temperature losing.. Insulating Fire Brick. Get Free Quote

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Insulating Fire Brick – RS Kiln Refractory Company