high alumina refractory refractory material for furnace combustion chamber

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Insulating Board Ceramic Fiber Refractory For Combustion

Insulating Board Ceramic Fiber Refractory For Combustion Chamber Liners , Boilers , Heaters . Description: Laurel ceramic fiber board is a lightweight refractory material processed with alumina-silica fibers for applications at temperatures up to 1430℃(2600℉)

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Refractory Mortar – Refractory brick,Castable,Insulation

The main material of high alumina refractory mortar is high chamotte, the binding agent is soft clay or chemical bond. … It can be widely used in all kinds of industry furnaces with high alumina bricks, such as the construction of furnace roof, regenerative chamber, combustion chamber and other parts of hot-blast furnace, upper part and other …

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Physical-chemical Properties Of Refractory Bricks

Combustion chamber parts, allowing the use of more than 1400 ℃. ★ High alumin a refractory brick. High alumin a refractory brick are used in general furnace high temperature, wear resistant areas or larger load part masonry, burner bricks and special requirements of the masonry.

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What’s the types of refractory fire bricks? – Quora

Jul 19, 2017· Refractory fire brick manufacturers said that this refractory , high strength, simple construction, wide range of uses, easy to draw, suitable for a variety of industrial furnace masonry, its use and use of different temperatures. 1. Physical and …

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Refractory Chamber, Refractory Chamber Suppliers and

About product and suppliers: .com offers 1,162 refractory chamber products. About 1% of these are testing equipment. A wide variety of refractory chamber options are available to you, such as resistance furnace, impact crusher.

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Silica Refractory Bricks

Silica Refractory Bricks. Price $ : 721 Size: Customized Working Temperature °C: > 1710 Application: Mainly used in the construction of regenerative chamber wall,chimney flue,combustion chamber, coking chamber, furnace roof etc. parts of the coke ovens. Get help: Get the information you need in …

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High Temperature Insulation Board – RS Refractory Company

High temperature insulation board is manufactured from high purity alumina silica fibers, which offers low thermal conductivity and excellent thermal shock resistance. Several densities and temperature grades reach up to 3000°F. High temperature insulation board is an excellent refractory insulating materials for all kinds of furnaces application.

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Fire Brick Refractory Brick For Combustion Chamber

Alumina Silica Fire Bricks/ RS Kiln Refractory . Silica brick: As a kind of acid refractory, it is mainly used for the partition wall and lining of coke oven carbonization chamber and combustion chamber, hot air furnace top and heat storage interior lining, also used in various glass, ceramic and carbon calcining furnaces.

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Refractory Material for Coke Oven – Rongsheng Refractory

The coke oven is mainly composed of a carbonization chamber, a combustion chamber and a regenerator. Refractory material for coke oven is used to construct the lining around these areas. The quality of the coke oven refractory material directly affects the normal operation and service life of the coke oven. Refractory Material for Coke Oven 1.

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Calcium Aluminate Cement – Rongsheng High Alumina

Thermal Energy Equipment: Furnaces and Refractories All furnaces have the following components as shown in Figure 1 (Carbon Trust, 1993): Refractory chamber constructed of insulating materials to retain heat at high operating temperatures. Hearth to support or carry the steel, which consists of refractory materials supported by a

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Silica Bricks – Rongsheng Refractory Silica Bricks Company

Calcium aluminate cement, also called high alumina cement, has been applied and developed for nearly 100 years.The main composition of calcium aluminate cement is Al2O3, which is in the raw material of bauxite of industrial alumina. calcium aluminate cement are applied widely in various high temperature industries as refractory materials, for monolithic uses.

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Cement Free Alumina Refectory Castables – Rongsheng …

Silica bricks are mainly used in the partition wall of the carbonization chamber and the combustion chamber, the regenerator of glass furnace and the slag chamber of the steelmaking furnace and the soaking pit furnace. Silica refractory bricks are also used as the refractories of the glass melting furnace and applied for the vault and other …

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Cement Free Alumina Refectory Castables Application Cement free castables refectory is used in kiln furnaces with harsh conditions, such as reaction section of carbon black furnace, combustion chamber, throat. which use various kiln linings and insulation layers with a temperature of 1927 ℃ and a gas flow rate of 0.6-0.8 Mach. DC electric furnace cover.

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Optimum thickness would not only save cost of the refractory but also control the weight of the vessel. Several reactors in high temperature furnaces like matte smelters, converters, rotary kiln etc. carry out processes at high temperatures and hence are lined with the refractory materials.